Picture a rack of BBQ ribs. Now can you picture where you would take a bite? That is the muscle that I have pulled. After 3 weeks of coughing, last Thursday I left work to make a last minute doctor appointment to see if he could tell me what the searing pain on my right lower ribs was. After determining that they were not cracked (although it was possible with all the coughing I was doing), he gave me some cough medicine and pain killers to help with the stressed out muscle.

By Saturday I was feeling better. Still sluggish in the morning but the sunshine brought me out of the house with enough energy to work on my veggie garden. Long day filled with Vitamin D, the smell of fresh dirt and the satisfaction of starting spring in the garden. I was feeling up!

Sunday we ran errands where I picked up some chard and rainbow carrot seeds. We came home with a half hour to go and finish in the yard so I went to put on my shoes. This is where things started to go wrong. I was bending down to put on my shoes and my ribs popped. It was so painful that I cried out for Matt (who was luckily a few steps away in the kitchen) and slumped against the wall telling him I felt like I was going to faint. He sat me down and seconds later I was out cold on the kitchen floor. I work up to a very worried and scared fiancé, with no idea how long I had been out. It was really scary.

My whole right side was in searing pain. I could not tell if it was my actual ribs or still just the muscle. All I knew is that it really hurt. Matt eventually got me on the couch and I called the doctor. He said it sounded like I had either further pulled or torn my rib muscle. Rest and pain killers. I tell you, sleeping last night was not easy. Every movement hurt .  I am staying home today. Resting.  I have 3 important meetings this week with major clients and I need to give myself the best possible chance to make those meeting happen. In the meantime, I will be on out couch nursing my poor ribs. I am ready to be healthy again.


3 thoughts on “Ribs

  1. Lauren,
    So sorry you’ve been suffering. I am sending good thoughts your way, and hope you feel better very soon.

    Love, Danice
    P.S. We had the BEST time with your mom and dad in St. Croix!!!

    • Thanks! I am on the mend…the hardest part is reminding myself to stay as inactive as possible! I am not good at being inactive!

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