Wedding Countdown: 155 Days to Go!

The past week I have been addressing invitations. Addressing is not really the challenge. Sure it takes time, but turn on some good brainless TV, grab some tea and it is really not that hard to crank them out. The hard part is getting addresses. I have an address book, and a contacts list on my phone, but honestly, so many of my friends (and family) are always on the move that it is hard to pin down addresses. After a week of working the magic of email, texting and facebook I think I finally have them all. It has actually been really fun since I have gotten to talk to some friends that I have not called in awhile! A dozen more envelopes (then getting Matt to seal them all…I HATE licking envelopes!) and they will be ready to send!

We have gotten so much done recently that I really not stressed about getting things done. We worked with the caterer to finalize our menu, ordered decorations for the reception, touched base with the photographer to reconfirm (for my piece of mind) that we were still on for August, and am starting to set dates for shower and the bachelorette party.

I have also been working on flowers. There are just SO many pretty options that I love that it is hard to pin down what I want. I need to make a few more calls but I think I am closing in on a vision. Hint: succulents and lots of texture.

So what else is on my to-do list?

  • Send invitations
  • Seat assignment cards
  • Signs for the reception
  • Write our vows and ceremony
  • Order ceiling lights
  • Get my dress altered
  • Find shoes for Matt
  • Honeymoon clothes
  • Go to Port Townsend to get a marriage certificate (sometime in July)
  • Get a new wedding/engagement ring set

That last bullet is our mission this weekend. Saturday Matt and I are going ring shopping (again) to see if we can find the perfect setting for our diamond. We are making it a total us weekend and going out to a movie and teriyaki too.


One thought on “Wedding Countdown: 155 Days to Go!

  1. Just be careful on the envelope sealing! A wet sponge is in order so you don’t have a Seinfeld-tragic-ending!!!!

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