The Ring Ordeal

Long before Matt proposed we had already purchased his wedding band and my travel ring…a matching set featuring our fingerprints cast in white gold. We both knew that I also wanted the sparkly diamond ring too, but waited until after he popped the question to work on that one.

We ordered a center diamond from my family jeweler in Alabama, and she sent us the most beautiful emerald cut diamond. It was perfect. We decided to get it set locally by a family jeweler that had been in West Seattle for ages. They did custom work, and we opted to have them recreate a antique ring that I had found. Fast forward 8 months and you come to last Wednesday. We had already had one loose stone (they fixed it) but I started to notice that two “spots” on my ring were growing. It looked like the metal was flaking. I started to get really irritated and asked a co-worker for a recommendation of another jeweler. I took the ring there and my fears were confirmed: the ring that was made for us was crap. It was falling apart. The side stones were not even in the right size setting to protect them! It also turned out that my wedding band (that I had never worn) also had a loose stone! I was furious. Matt and I went off to the West Seattle jeweler and told the owner that we were really disappointed and wanted our money back. He asked us to come back the next day when his son (who sold us the ring) was working with our paperwork and we would “work something out”. We left. Frustrated. Then the anxiousness started to build. What if they would not give us our money back? What if they fought us on it? Made it our fault? I seriously felt sick for the next two days straight with worry. I got the center stone removed at a different store (and they confirmed it was my original diamond too…phew!) and then on Saturday morning we took the rings back.

We walked into the store minutes after it opened and spoke to the owner’s son. He said he had heard that we were not happy and we said we wanted our money back. He said ok and wrote us a check. No questions, no apology, he did not even look at the rings we returned! It was all really fishy….like he knew the whole time our rings were a sham.

We left and deposited our check. I really needed a hug. I am so glad that Matt was there with me to deal with it. We went home a hosted a party.

So now we are back to the start. We have our diamond and are now looking for the perfect setting. We are going to do some browsing this weekend and not rush into anything. This time we are going to get the right ring that will symbolize our commitment for the rest of our lives.


5 thoughts on “The Ring Ordeal

    • That is where we are going! I got their name from a gal at work and we are now working on custom rings from them. They are so great!

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