Best Chocolate Cake Revisited

Another Birthday weekend! This time we were celebrating my dear friend Beth turning 25. She is a friend from back in the good ol’ island days of my youth on St. Croix. We were girl scout buddies, on the swim team and in the same class in 1st grade. After losing touch when I moved back stateside at age 10, we reconnected via the wonders of Facebook in college. After graduation, Beth sent me a message: “I am moving to West Seattle…where do you live?”. WEST SEATTLE! We reignited our friendship over a pizza on Alki Beach, and have been spending time together ever since. Beth works on an oil tanker, and so is gone 3 months at a time, and then home for 3 months at a time (talk about pros and cons of that job!). She bought a house last year and is having fun with home projects (and I am having fun sharing ideas with her!). It is so great to be neighbors so many years after we first met.

Anyway, back to Beth’s birthday. We celebrated by going out to sushi on Thursday (her actual bday) followed by chocolate cake at Circa, and then I went out with her lady neighbors in the knitting club (all are over 80 and so funny and sweet) on Saturday afternoon for tea. Saturday night was the finale though. I whipped up my famous from-scratch chocolate cake that can only be called Best Chocolate Cake (recpie can be found here), and served it to a big group of our friends on game night. We drank whisky sours and champagne and played two, 2-hour games of Settlers, and had a blast. We are so blessed to have such a great group of friends. It is so much fun to mesh my group with Matt’s long time buddies and just see everyone become one big group. Awesome. I could not ask for more.

The cake must have been a hit too since there was only 1 ½ slices left when I woke up on Sunday morning 🙂


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