Once Every 4 Years

Leap Day only comes around once every 4 years. It is not really a holiday, but Matt and I have assigned special meaning to this unique day that we will celebrate for years to come. You see, when we first got engaged we wanted to get married on the 22nd of a month. It was both our lucky number (we randomly discovered after dating a few months) and so we figured it would be good luck. Well, the 22nd of September was going to be too late, and the 22nd of August was a Wednesday. We really wanted a Friday wedding earlier in August so selected the 10th to commemorate the day we met (July 10).

Little did we know that the leap year was perfect timing to help us out: it turns out that August 10 is usually the 221 day of the year…but with 2012 being a leap year, August 10, our wedding date, is the 222nd day of the year! How perfect is that! That means every 4 years, we will get to celebrate our anniversary of the supped-up version of our lucky number.

Thank you, Leap Year, for making our wedding date so perfect. Matt and I are celebrating by going out for our Valentine’s Day dinner tonight at La Rustica…where we had our second date.


2 thoughts on “Once Every 4 Years

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