Wedding Planning: Invitations

Combining DIY extras with professionaly printed invitations did save us money, but it also ate up one of my Saturdays to pull it off!

Step 1: Design “extra” pieces for the invitations (RSVP card, schedule etc…this took a few weeks)

Step 2: Read reviews of local printing options; decide Office Depot is the best option

Step 3: Select paper for postcards

Step 4: Take files to Office Depot (and discover they don’t carry the paper I picked)

Step 5: Drive to Office Max to buy paper (LONG story here but eventually we found the paper and I decided to just print them there…but the print shop guy did not show up and so it was not open. Awesome. Lauren leaves really irritated.)

Step 6: Drive back to Office Depot to find out their printer is not capable of printing with the bleed line designed. Lauren is loosing patience.

Step 7: Drive up to U District to check out another print shop that supposedly is able to print to the specs I needed. No luck.

Step 8: Drive home. Redesign 4 files.

Step 9: Drive back to Office Depot. Print all files on backup paper since it will need to be cut anyway (no point in getting pre-perforated paper if I still have to cut)

Step 10: Cut cards.

Step 11: Return original paper to Office Max.

Phew. Yep. That was my Saturday. I am so glad it is done and the “extra” inserts look great. Plus, I saved a TON of money and have some great leftover paper to do programs and menus on. Now it is just time to stamp, address and send!


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