Wedding Planning: Registering and Engagement Party!

What a fun filled weekend for wedding stuff! On Friday, matt and I took time off early from work to go work on our wedding gift registries at Sur la Table and Macy’s. We met up at Pike’s Market and got coffee, then headed into a cook’s mecca: Sur la Table. This now-national chain was started in Seattle in the 70’s and has everything the kitchen lover could want. Oh man did we have fun! We learned tons and tons about the pros and cons of almost every item that we were considering for our kitchen. We found some non-toxic non-stick cookware, awesome pots and pans, and other basics that we needed for our kitchen. Since we already combined households, we are pretty set on measuring cups etc, but are both still working with our college cookware. Everything at Sur was a little price sticker shock, but many of the prices were comparable to Macy’s, and is SUCH good quality that we would really use. It is fun to find things that would outfit us for a lifetime of cooking adventures!

After thoroughly covering Sur la Table, we headed to Macy’s. We registered a first round here back in November, but needed to come back now that the seasonal stuff is cleared out. It was really interesting to compare the quality of Macy’s cookware and that at Sur la Table…and the knowledgeability of the staff. Luckily we had most of it covered at Sur, and so we spent most of our time focusing on towels and bedding. We are having a heck of a time finding a comforter that we like. Nothing has come close to what we are envisioning. Oh well, we will find one eventually!

On Saturday we drove out to Issaquah for our engagement party that Matt’s parents threw us! It was so much fun to visit with all the family and our bridal party! Tons of food, laughter, and picture taking. We had a great turnout! So so much fun!

We are less than 6 months away from the wedding! I cannot wait!


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