Wedding Nightmare

Ever since we started planning our wedding I have been going though phases where I have dreams about the day epically failing. Sometimes it is around a specific element, sometimes (like last night) it was about the whole thing going horribly wrong. Maybe this one was sparked by trying on my dress, since in my dream it fit the way it does right now (big and not flattering at all!).

In my dream, our wedding was a complete failure. No one came, all the reception décor was missing (specifically all the table runners I (in real life) have yet to make never got finished, the folding tables were just randomly placed around the room…it was not beautiful or visionary at all. It was boring…and very disappointing. The other main element that really stands out was our cake, or should I say lack thereof. I my dream, Matt was in charge of the wedding cake, and he had forgotten to order one. So, during our reception, he and I trekked to Safeway (in my unaltered too-big dress) to get one emergency made. We decided on a quick and easy three tired white idea that the lady promised to have ready in a few minutes…but when it cake out, it was bright teal with yellow swirls…awful! She said, “oops, I thought you wanted a birthday cake”, and to fix her mistake brought us a yellow cake. Also totally not what we wanted! I remember my mom lecturing me about how disappointing this wedding turned out. It was awful! When my iphone marimba alarm went of at 5:20 I snapped out of the dream and into a pit of worry about the wedding. Matt told me it was all going to be ok, but for some reason the dream really shook me!

So I have decided to think positive and banish these dreams. Lauren, it is time to get a hold of yourself and realize that everything will go great. You are so far ahead in planning that you have nothing to worry about…not to mention tons of people who are willing to help out! August is still months away, and you have plenty of time to work out all the details (including the perfect cake!) and the dress will be beautiful when it is finally the right size. Ahhh, wedding stress. Good thing I don’t worry about it when I am awake!


4 thoughts on “Wedding Nightmare

  1. Your Mom and Dad’s wedding was the wedding of the year even with wind, rain, thunder and lightening. Nonnie Beeson made the cake as her gift and the layers were sliding. It was a fun day full of love. And what’s more it has lasted. Princess Di and Prince Charles were married the same year. Their wedding looked perfect in every way. How long were they happily married?????
    Matt’s right. Your wedding will be the wedding of the year and the love that surrounds you will over shadow any glitches. Love, Grammy

  2. I had an epic fail dream lately…My dress wasn’t done being altered, so I decided to wear jeans and a t-shirt that had paint on it. No one showed up to the ceremony, and the reception venue caught on fire right after we got there. Fire men were running in to put out the fire, and I was dead set on not letting anything else ruin the day, so I wouldn’t leave and insisted on dancing.

    My fail dreams are…weird to say the least!

  3. Yay! You are getting married really soon after us (8/4/12)! We should be wedding buddies. That dream sounds terrible! I keep worrying that no one will show up to mine either! 😥

    • Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I love finding wedding buddies through blogging…I look forward to hearing more about yours!

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