Split Ends & Date Nights

Two topics for this blog post: my current obsession with split ends and our list of date nights.

One – split ends.

Maybe it is because I am growing my hair out for the wedding and I feel it needs to be uber healthy, perhaps it is because it is now long enough to easily inspect the ends…whatever it is I sit at my desk and inspect my hair at work. Conference call (particularly long, 10 person + calls in which I don’t have a major role) are perfect for this task. I inspect my hair strand by strand, and when I see the telltale Y of a split end: out come the scissors. I snip that imperfection away. It is very satisfying. Does it make a difference? Who knows? But it makes me feel like I am helping my hair maximize its potential to grow long and lush before August.

Two – date nights.

Right now we live in the city. Well, it is not downtown (thank goodness), but our house is close enough to the hustle and bustle that we are making a concerted effort to take advantage of our location and get out on the town. This week we had two date nights: movie and sushi on Saturday, and Monday we went to see a silent film at the Paramount as part of the Trader Joe’s First Academy Awards series. It was a wonderful evening, started with drinks and appetizers at the Taphouse Grill (wow, they had top notch appetizers for less than $3 per plate…I HIGHLY recommend!) and then ending with a classic film in the beautiful Paramount theatre. The film was not our favorite (the Cameraman that we saw last year was awesome though), it was a little slow and dull, but fun none the less. What a great date night with Matt…and tonight I have a date night with my friend Lana!


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