Wedding Planning: Invitations & Hotels

We had a great weekend: low key, relaxing and also sqeezing in some productivity (and time to watch movies and veg out). Saturday Matt worked (he works one weekend day a month), so I took the opportunity to meet up with his mom for lunch. It was fun to take some girls time and just hang out. I showed her our wedding invitations that arrived in the mail last week…I am so pleased with how they look! We ordered the invites online and will be doing the “other” pieces ourselves. I have been working on RSVP postcards and the information sheets to go in the envelopes. My goal is to get them in the mail sometime in March. Lots of work but it is rewarding to be doing some of it ourselves.

Saturday night Matt and I went to see The Iron Lady…he thought it was boring but I loved it. Followed by sushi at Blue C we had a great date night in Seattle.

Our second item of wedding planning accomplished was booking our wedding night hotel in Port Townsend. I tasked Matt with finding and booking our reservation. He started looking and realized quickly that Port Townsend is chock full of vintage Victorian style hotels…neat, but not was he envisioned for our wedding night. He finally found a quiet, unique place (I don’t know much more than that) that he really liked, and booked it for two nights for us to enjoy after the wedding. Woohoo! Another thing checked off the to-do list!

I also ordered bridesmaid gifts, fabric for table runners and am almost ready to get the last pieces of paper that I need to complete invitations. Progress is being made! Now I need to get rolling on centerpieces…


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