Wedding Planning: Honeymoon – Itinerary A

Snow + a new fast computer = HONEYMOON PLANNING!

This is the last real “big” part of our wedding that we needed to tackle. With all the other big things out of the way (all that is left is little details: painting, send invites, seat assignments, table runners etc) we really needed to buckle down and start getting some dates on the calendar.

A few months ago we finally decided that our honeymoon destination was Italy. Romantic, warm, historic, great food…sounds awesome right? We had picked our wedding date so that we could have 3 weeks off between getting hitched and me starting grad school. Now, what to do with 3 weeks?

We also decided that we would like to try to incorporate a cruise into the itinerary. We found a stunning 12 day Mediterranean cruise that leaves in and out of Venice, and decided that is the one we wanted. Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Monenegro, Italy…ahhh! Now all we have to do is wait till it is closer so that we can book it with Matt’s discount. With the cruise, we will have a full 7 days in Italy prior to stepping on board the ship. This weekend we figured out where those 7 days will be spent. Now, it is not easy picking just 7 days worth of destinations. I was dying to see the Amalfi Coast, Matt wanted to show me Florence (where he lived for a summer), and with guidebooks galore we had a list a mile long. Eventually we had to buckle down and get realistic. We would keep our trip north of Pinned ImageRome since that is where we planned to fly into, and we only have a week to get to Venice from there. We also ditched Florence since we had both been there, and know that we will go back one day. Result: a wonderful sounding 7 day itinerary that balances city with countryside, relaxation with a little more adventure. I cannot wait!

Days 1 & 2 – Rome

Days 3 & 4 – Volterra

Days 5 & 6 – Santa Margherita Ligure

Day 7 – Venice

Days 8 – 20 CRUISE!!!

Oh man, I am so excitedPinned Image!

Ok, but the reality of this plan is that it may not happen. The cruise discount deal is something that we will not be able to book until 3 months out. Eek! This means that we need a backup plan, Itinerary B. Once we get our Rome hotel booked (the only one left now!) we can start brainstorming what this backup may look like!

Then I get to start planning my honeymoon wardrobe 🙂 Can’t you just see me running around Greece in this?

Pinned Image


5 thoughts on “Wedding Planning: Honeymoon – Itinerary A

  1. YES! I CAN definitely see you in that dress, Lauren! The plan is delightful. And I do love your banner photo at the fort 🙂

  2. I love, love, love italy!! If I ever get married that would be my #1 pick for a honeymoon too!!! Your trip sounds amazing! I have been there several time and I always look forward to Rome, and I would LOVE to go back to Venice. I agree Florence you can skip this time since you both have been there.

  3. 1) I am in love with your new blog banner…seriously, in love.
    2) Your honeymoon plans sound like perfection!!
    3) Where is that blue dress from?! Sooo cute! And I am already envisioning you prancing around Europe in it with Matt by your side 🙂

    • 1) thank you! it was taken about 10 steps from our wedding site so we will have a wedding dressed shot like this too 🙂
      2) can’t wait!
      3) its from a great site I found……they custom make dresses to your measurements…I have ordered one before and it was great. Now just waiting for the blue one to come in the mail!

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