Snow Day in West Seattle

Snow is a treat here in Seattle (depending on who you ask of course…) and this weekend we got lucky…a full day to enjoy it! On Saturday, Matt and I went to the Seattle Wedding Expo (to be clear, not the Seattle Wedding Show which I attended last year. It was much better. Future brides: don’t waste your time with the Expo). Since it was a dud, we were home again by 11:30. What do we do when we have an extra chunk of time like that? Clean! We cleaned the whole house! We had organized the basement and got a lot done the previous weekend, but this second cleaning day really let us get into the corners. All the papers are sorted and put in files, all the corners are vacuumed, the bathroom detailed…the house looks awesome. We celebrated by having the guys (Chris, Jeff and Ross) over for pizza and games. Perfect Saturday.

Sunday we woke up to a light dusting of snow, and while we made lattes and breakfast, the snow started to fall harder and harder. By 11:30 we had over 2 inches. Time for a walk! We wanted to explore Camp Long, but it was closed. We took option B and walked down to the totem poll park that overlooks Seattle. Seattle? What Seattle? We could not see anything through the snow and fog. There were cars sliding down 35th and one was crashed into a tree. We were glad we had nowhere to go!

Snow day with nothing to do, a clean house and my favorite person to share it with. It does not get better than that!

PS – we also broke in our new computer and started booking hotels for our honeymoon! Itinerary A is set!


2 thoughts on “Snow Day in West Seattle

  1. Timer…I should have brought out my travel tripod but a little bush worked for this! My suggestion is always to put your camera on “custom” timer…some cameras this means it will take 3 pics on timer, mine I can go up to 10 images in a row. It lets you capture the best expressions in a series so you can pick from them at home! Give it a try!

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