Adventure 2012: Homemade Liqueurs

Matt and I are always looking for new things to try. Sometimes it is a new recipe for an exotic dish, sometimes it is a new ingredient (how can we best use duck fat?), sometimes it is exploring and new place or trying a new activity. For 2012 we have a project: making homemade liqueurs. Matt’s cousin has been experimenting with this as well, and we were inspired after tasting some amazing concoctions at Christmas.  

Step 1: find bottles! We have been scouring all sorts of neat places to dig up old and interesting bottles. One prerequisite: they must be clear glass. We want the color of our liqueurs to come through. Here are some that we have found (both new and old):

Step 2: Make a list of liqueur flavors and put them on the calendar marking when they come into season. We are trying to make our flavors as locally sourced and seasonal as possible.

Step 3: Make the liqueurs! We are compiling recipes and resources so that we are ready to go!

Step 4: Patience…the longer it sits the better.

Step 5: Taste! I am excited to share our successes and failures when they happen!

2012 lineup: sour cherry, cranberry, red currant, basil, grapefruit, limoncello


2 thoughts on “Adventure 2012: Homemade Liqueurs

  1. So far I’ve found that it’s a little sad…you might taste some of the fruit that you use at the start, but after 2-3 months, you no longer know the exact taste when you’re finally tasting the end product. Was it more sweet or less sweet than the one’s I’m considering now?

    How much do you make in a batch?

    • We are still in the waiting process…we will probably taste it at the end of the month just to see how it is going. Our cousin made some last year (current, walnut and a few other flavors) and all had incredible strong flavor after about 4 months of sitting. We are trying the rhubarb batch with a full 1/2 gallon jug filled with rhubarb, just covered in everclear. It is currently a clear pink color and all the rhubarb is floating and loosing color.

      I will post results when we try it! Good luck with yours!

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