Our 3 Days of Christmas

Oh the joys of having two families at the holidays. No I am not being sarcastic…it is a wonderful thing! It just gets a little exhausting when you are running around the state!

On the First day of Christmas – Matt and I drove to Ferndale to celebrate “Christmas Eve” with Troy, Jasmine and the Chaplin family. We chopped wood, explored the back 40 and ate tons of yummy Christmas goodies. We had a great dinner Friday night, complete with prime rib and pies. We finished the evening watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” and then I helped mom prepare for Christmas morning.

On the Second day of Christmas – Saturday we woke up to the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls, and opened gifts by the glow of the wood stove. It was a fun Ferndale Christmas. We taught everyone to play Ticket to Ride…another game to add to our family repertoire!

That afternoon we drove to Seattle for the annual Pignataro family Italian feast of Seven Fishes. This is Matt’s mom’s side of the family and they throw an epic event complete with 7 courses of seafood (the crab and massive grilled prawns were my favorites), followed by dinner (lasagna, bread, salad, fruit, sides the whole deal) then dessert. It was my first time going and it was totally overwhelmingly wonderful. We had a blast, and ate and drank until we felt like we would pop!

On the third day of Christmas – Matt and I woke up at home, opened gifts from each other with the kitties and then scooted out the door to drive to Matt’s parent’s in Issaquah. We make buttermilk pancakes and eggs and opened gifts. It is so fun to share different families Christmas traditions!

We hung out there until about 1:30 and then drove down to Matt’s Aunt and Uncle’s house right along the Cedar River…a stunning house that he built all by hand. We celebrated with more food, presents and family fun until it was finally time to get home to bed.

What a wonderful (exhausting!) Christmas! I love that our families are both so welcoming and sweet, and that plans in the future will hopefully combine them into a HUGE double family holiday! Now that will be fun!

Monday Matt had to work, so I hung out with Mom and Dad when then came down to deliver family to Gig Harbor. I finally found an antique sideboard on craigslist that will work in our house, so we used the Subaru to transport it yesterday. It is stunning. Old and solid oak…we got a steal of a deal on it for $180. We have already broken it in serving dinner last night! I am so excited to have a place to store all the bowls/platters/silverware etc that we are starting to acquire!


3 thoughts on “Our 3 Days of Christmas

  1. Though exhausting it sounds like a really great time. It always great when you have family nearby to enjoy the holidays with. May you have a Happy New Year!

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