Eight Wheels

Good news: Matt’s car is back up and running! After the fan went out in August (scary incident…I was driving on Capital Hill and it overheated and died…ug!), it has had a very sedentary life in our cute little garage. Well, after it’s little vacation, the fan is fixed and it is back on the road! This makes us happy:

 a)      Because we are no longer paying insurance on two cars when only one runs

b)      Matt can drive again! (he is not comfortable driving my stick shift mini…yet)

c)       We are just happy to have Ol’ Red back!


 No, we don’t really need two cars. Matt takes the bus to work everyday and so his car is not really used that much. We will probably start thinking more about selling it, but there is no real rush for that. Someday we will get a small 4×4 pickup truck to replace it and have as a second car…but for now, we have eight working wheels and are grateful for that.


One thought on “Eight Wheels

  1. Props to you for knowing how to drive a stick! I’ve started learning, but I don’t have many friends with one that are willing to let me play around in it. And I’m still terrified of even trying to drive it if there’s ice on the road.

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