River Rocks, Baking & Christmasyness

This weekend felt too short (but don’t they always?). Matt and I had planned on a low key two days in, even canceling original plans to go up to Ferndale to see my parents, but that did not happen.

Matt’s parents planned a night out to see A Christmas Carol at a community theatre in North Bend, so Matt and I made Saturday our out and about day. We picked up some gifts, then headed out to the peacefulness of Snoqualmie. It was stunning weather, sunny and cold…but not too cold. We wandered around down by the river and checked another box off of our wedding planning to-do list: collected river rocks! We are going to use rocks as the name place cards on the tables. We collected roughly 200 brown flat rocks, loaded them in buckets, and trekked them back to the car.

From there we went up to the outlet mall to look for some more gifts (unsuccessful) but did find massive finds for us at Banana Republic. Their holiday sales + my 30% off everything coupon + $10 gift card = a whole lot of stuff for not too much! I found a dress and two sweaters, and Matt got a t-shirt and new belt. Woohoo! It feels good to get a good deal. (PS – it also felt really good to be trying on smaller sized clothes and having them FIT!)

The play that night was awesome. I love community theatre. Random life connection: the director (also playing Scrooge) was the Fox in Zoobilee Zoo…one of my favorite TV shows as a kid (does anyone else remember it?). Matt didn’t but when we looked it up online later he had some really really faint memory of the characters. Crazy how memories can be stored away for so long.

Sunday we baked banana bread a wrapped gifts. Then Matt and I each went out separately to run errands (his car is working again!). Dinner was chicken, zucchini and fingerling potatoes on the couch while we watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. The perfect start to Christmas week!


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