The Wisdom of Wisdom Teeth Removal

 I waited until I was 25 to get my wisdom teeth out. I know that my children will probably go through this one day, so I wanted to write down the recovery process so that I will remember it when the time comes.

Wednesday night: went to the gym and ate a meal that I really, really wanted

Thursday morning: off to the Dr. I wore sweats…good choice!

  • going under was really easy…the needle in my arm was really the scariest part for me
  • 2 hours later: waking up in the recovery room was a little disorienting. The Doc told me that I may wake up crying and not to worry (I was not but appreciated the warning). Walking to the car was very slow and fuzzy.
  • On the way home we got Costco frozen soft serve yogurt…best recovery food ever!

Thursday afternoon: I was generally feeling good. Probably still all the drugs I was on. Applesauce and Odwalla protein shake were awesome.

Friday: I was still feeling ok, getting more tired as the day wore on though. Not too much oozing but I was pretty swollen. 600 Mg of Ibuprofen every 6 hours was all I needed.

Saturday: I was really tired. The “high” was gone and I was really getting tired of being cooped on the couch. Salt water rinses were my best friend.

Sunday: Still tired, swelling almost gone. Still eating mostly soft foods. Pasta was ok at this point.

Monday: Worked from home. Pain was starting to be more noticeable so I kept on the every 6 hour plan.

Tuesday: Overdid it at work by going on site. I also stayed up later. Bad call.

Wednesday: Crashed at 1 PM. More pain today since I lowered my Ibuprofen to 400 Mg. Called the Dr worried about the pain but was told it was the lower dosage. I napped for 3 hours in the afternoon. Took a multivitamin…should have been doing that all along.

Thursday: 1 week out…feeling way better. Holes were closing up and pain is almost gone. Continuing the salt rinses.

The following Monday: Minimal pain…taking 400 Mg Ibuprofen when needed. Back to wearing retainer and eating almost everything. Holes look clean and are shrinking…continuing with the salt water rinses to keep them clean though. Not feeling back up to working out yet though. Maybe by Thursday…

Well, that’s the download. Not too exciting but good for me to look back on someday when I need the information. Last word of advice: get your teeth out in high school…it sucks to use vacation days for this when you are working!


One thought on “The Wisdom of Wisdom Teeth Removal

  1. Ick, I’m sorry the pain stuck around so long for you! Definitely not fun. I got mine out 2 weeks after high school graduation. As far as timing goes it was pretty perfect, all my friends would stopped by throughout the week and brought me chocolate milkshakes from the local place down the road!

    Don’t push it and hit the gym again yet if you’re not feeling up to it. Those drugs they use to knock you out can hang on for a good bit of time, and the effects usually creep up on you out of nowhere. You don’t want to be in the middle of a kickboxing round when your brain decided that consciousness is overrated! Not like I know that from experience…

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