Wedding Planning: Weekend Getaway to Port Townsend

The alarm went off at 6:25 AM Saturday morning. Matt groaned. “Do we have to get up now?” YES! We were going to Port Townsend and had a ferry to catch. An hour later we were in the car, showered, fed and ready for an adventure. The sun was coming up over Seattle and everything was bathed in bright pink sunshine. It was COLD, and the mountains were all covered in fresh, white snow. Mt. Rainer, Mt. Baker and the Olympics were all out in their magnificent glory. A perfect Washington morning.

We took the ferry to Bainbridge and then drove up highway 3 to Port Townsend (took less that 2 hours total door to door!) for a day full of wedding planning appointments. It was sunny and cold with a little snow on the ground when we arrived in Port Townsend.

First stop: hair salons. I had two that I wanted to visit, mostly to get a feel for the owner, stylists, cleanliness and general feel of the place. I am planning to leave both hair and makeup to the professionals for my wedding day, and want to make sure I picked the right place. Both salons were nice, but I think I am leaning towards the first stop, Izadora’s, just because I liked how friendly and accommodating the owner was right from the start.

Next stop: meeting the wedding coordinator, Karle, at the Underground (a really sweet coffee shop). This was our first consultation, and really the deciding moment on whether we would hire her or not to run the wedding day. First impressions mean a lot, and we liked her from the very beginning. She was willing to do above and beyond and take over any role needed during our day…and that is really our biggest “need”. Bottom line: so that our do-it-yourself mothers will be able to sit back and enjoy our special day without worrying about all the details. We liked Karle and signed a contract. Phew, another to-do checked off!

From there we had lunch at the Owl Sprit Café. Yummy food. It was warm too…perfect for the frigid day.

Next stop: Fort Worden. We stopped by the Park office to ask some questions and get a key for the USO hall. They were very accommodating amazingly found that the hall was not booked for August 9…so we snatched that date up too for decorating! The extra time in the reception hall will be totally worth it. We walked over to the Commons to meet our catering coordinator, Leanne. She was awesome. We walked through all of our options and solidified the menu. I was very impressed with how diligent they are with sourcing their food. All the salmon is wild and line caught, the greens and potatoes are organic and they know which farm they come from, and the beef is all grass fed and local. We were impressed. I was happy to feel so confident with their services because food is over half our budget for this wedding.

And…we were done! We got so many thing checked off the list that it felt great to just kick back and celebrate with dinner out. We went to the Public House Grill and had really good food (I am still raving about my cioppino).

Sunday we were able to sleep in (we stayed in the historic Waterstreet Hotel), and then grabbed a slow breakfast at a local coffee shop/bakery before meeting the parents (all 4!) at the ferry terminal. It was so fun to get Matt’s parents out to PT and also have my mom and dad there to share in the fun. We toured the USO hall (they all loved it) and discussed technical decorating challenges (ladders to reach the 25-30 foot ceilings…). Then we hiked up the hill to Battery Tolles and showed them the ceremony layout. It was still cold, but not rainy and we had a ball.

After some more dinking around in town we all headed out separate ways to go home and start a new week. I feel so rested and on top of the wedding details that we can really just coast and deal with the details for the next few months. It is going to be perfect. Exactly what we want.


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