Weighing in for the Wedding

I have always been tall, and as a swimmer I have always been active and carried around a lot of muscle. I have never been “small” and always envied those girls with cute, petit frames instead of my muscular shoulders and legs. It took a lot of energy to build that swimmer body from ages 6-18, and then when college hit and swimming stopped, my level of calorie intake did not really get the message. Over college I gained around 20 lbs, then lost some of it, and then put it back on when I got a desk job. I struggled to take the weight off, but recently have been having some success that is really changing my life for the better. I have never really written about this on my blog, and don’t plan on spending much time on this personal and somewhat challenging topic, but would like to share some personal success and my pre-wedding mission.

It is now just under 9 months before our wedding, and looking amazing in my dress is a pretty high priority. Plus, if you have seen my dress (I know some of you have) you know that there is no way to fake it in this dress…no chinch up help or ability to don spanks etc…it will just be me and the dress…time to hit the gym!

Over the past year and a half I have actually dropped almost 25 lbs, without a diet or really any extra exercise. I really credit Matt for this. He makes me so happy and even keeled (and too busy enjoying life to retreat to the freezer for ice cream every night…). I am back down to the weight I was when I graduated from high school, it feels amazing. All of my clothes are too big (good and bad results there since some of my favorites no longer fit and it is $$ to go out on a shopping spree!) and I am wearing things that I couldn’t get into a year ago. Even those are now hanging on me.

So what is my next step in this road to a healthy body and wedding-dress-ready physique? I am taking cardio kickboxing twice a week and trying to get the gym to swim at least once. I think that my favorite Pilates DVD may come back into the mix as well. I am trying to not ramp up the exercise too much, since I know that really intense working out (ie: me training for the marathon in 2009/10) makes me eat more and I have a hard time with that balance. Matt and I are focusing on encouraging each other to do the right assortment of workouts, and eat healthy lunches at work, and light dinners in the evening. We go on walks (even walking to the grocery store!), hiking, work in the yard…just try to live more activly. We need to start dancing more again. That is a great workout! We try to brown bag our lunches (economical and healthy!), so he is taking spinach with sundried tomatoes and cottage cheese while my standby is soup with cheese and apple (or leftovers of course!). With our focus on eating well we are both aiming to drop another 10 lbs before the wedding and really look great on our honeymoon.

We are coming into the challenging season for achieving these goals too. We just made it through both of our birthdays (ie: 4 cakes total and some Sunday breakfasts out), and now we are coming up on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Both of us have the physical ability to really pile away food…and rather weak willpower to turn down yummy food. It will be a challenge this year, but by supporting each other and really making our everyday choices smart ones, I am pretty confident that we will come out on the right track in January. If not, then I guess we have 7 ½ months of really hard work ahead of us!

Here we go. 9 months left!


2 thoughts on “Weighing in for the Wedding

  1. You look great to me! But I certainly understand your desire to look great in your wedding dress…what girl wouldn’t want to look perfect on her wedding day? 🙂

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