Happy Birthday to my Moose

This weekend my sweet fiancé Matt turned 29. We celebrated with dinner at his parent’s on Friday night, then lots of other fun for Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday morning we went to our new found breakfast place in West Seattle called Meanders…yum! What a treat! Then went international food shopping at Uwajimaya and Big John’s PFI. We got all sorts of good stuff: pasta, chocolate, spices, duck fat, Christmas presents…what a fun excursion!

Saturday afternoon and evening Matt had friends over for pizza, beer and games (the birthday boy won one game of Settlers and I won the other). I made a green funfetti cake and the boys ate almost the whole thing 🙂 It was a fun night!

Sunday Matt and his brother Adam hung out in the morning while I went to kickboxing, then we ran errands in the afternoon and made really good homemade chicken noodle “soup”. I say “soup” because it is really more like stew. Yum yum!

Great weekend! We sure are making the most of each one. We are booked solid for the rest of the year! Between holidays, family, going to Port Townsend, wisdom teeth out (me…not looking for to this) it will be a busy end to 2011!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Moose

  1. Happy Birthday to Matt! I’d love to know where the name “Moose” came from sometime 🙂

    You win bonus points for kickboxing, FYI. I hit up a TurboKick class at least once a week.

    • In response to your request for the “Moose” story…check out the new tab above for “Our Family” 🙂

      PS – my butt is sore today from class! best workout ever!

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