Suit Search

What a weekend. Sunshine, seeing friends and family, and being SUPER productive…what could be better?

Sunday morning Matt’s older brother came over to help troubleshoot Matt’s not-running car. It looks like it is a pretty easy, cheap fix! Phew. He is even going to be able to fix the seat for us so that we don’t have to replace it.

We also trimmed up the holly bush, mowed the grass, weeded and mulched the garden, pulled out some overgrown ivy and cleaned up some rotting leaves around the side of our house. Much better! And now our yard looks much more prepared to go into winter. It felt good to be working hard in the yard on a sunny cold fall day.

In the late afternoon we headed out to Kirkland to check out the custom suiting event at Costco. Matt has been searching like crazy for a brown suit for the wedding, and they just do not seem to exist. Well, Costco had one brown option that we actually liked! Matt went into the full body measuring scanner, and now we have his measurements stored online for 6 months if we decide to order the custom suit. They seem like a good deal, but are still a good chunk of money. I think our plan is to keep looking for the next 3 months, and then just order this one if nothing better pops up.

For dinner we went out for Phở. I love going to our local place, they know our order when we come in every time. It is so good and satisfying on a cold night.


2 thoughts on “Suit Search

  1. We waited until two weeks before the wedding to get Jesse’s suit. We settled on a khaki colored Calvin Klein linen look, and it was perfect for our wedding. With all the discounts we got it cost roughly $50 more than what we would have paid to rent one. Totally worth the extra money. Now if only I could find a way to get him to wear it again. 😉

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