Thrift Store Treasures

This post is brought to you from the touch screen of my new iPad.

Thrift stores have been a big part of our life lately. Matt and I are making our own centerpieces for the wedding reception dinner tables out of old cut glass bowls and glasses. We have been collecting pieces to add to the growing collection for the past few months and think we finally have enough. We have pieces big and small, all unique, but still “match”. It is pretty neat, and cool to have the containers second hand.

Today we washed and dried all of them. Every last piece. And believe me, they were gross. Almost every one looked smokey/opaque from thrift store grime. Now they sparkle and look brand new! Tomorrow we are hopefully going to start planting the succulents.

With our weekly trips to Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, and Value Village we have found some other cool stuff too. Some old cookbooks for Matt’s collection and this awesome piece: our vintage cake stand!

This piece we actually spotted over a month ago, but the price was too high ($24…really?) so we waited until it sat long enough to get marked down. Perfect! I absolutely love this addition to our kitchen. Now we just need a dome to put over the goodies on display!



One thought on “Thrift Store Treasures

  1. The bowl thing sounds AWESOME. Since I will obviously not be there, maybe you could send me a picture of some of them sometime 🙂

    We’re going relatively simple with ours, just some large gathering vases that we’ll put something in…no idea what yet! We’re not very creative people 😛

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