Quarter of a Century

25 years ago today in Ponca City, Oklahoma, a little bright eyed girl was born. She did not cry, just look around the room seeming to say, “Ok, I am ready for this adventure! What’s next?!”

Today that girl turns 25.


A quarter of a century. On Halloween.

Yep, today is my birthday. Matt and I spent the most wonderful weekend doing OUR thing. We spent Saturday, a glorious sunshine filled fall day, hiking in the mountains, seeing Snoqualmie Falls, and visiting some of Matt’s special places from when he lived out in Snoqualmie. The leaves were brilliantly colored, and the weather absolutely perfect. Our adventures took us by Twede’s…a diner in North Bend that advertizes famous “Twin Peaks Cherry Pie”. As a cherry pie lover I have always wanted to stop and try it. So we did. It was good pie, but not nearly as good as my mom’s. A great treat though and fun to cross that off the bucket list!

Sunday the fun continued. I worked out at the gym in the morning while matt did a workout at home. Then we met up with Benny and Lana for breakfast at Portage Bay. Oh yum! Then it was cleaning and cooking and just laying low at home. Matt made pizza dough and sauce for homemade pizza that we are having tonight, along with an amazing looking German chocolate cake! Tonight we are celebrating with Beth and handing out candy. Happy Halloween everyone!


6 thoughts on “Quarter of a Century

  1. “25” has such a lovely feel to it! Its a milestone of having come so far in your life and yet having so much yet to unfold. Have a splendid birthday, Lauren!

      • I’m sure that means next years will be just that much more epic.

        I updated my post with pictures of me decked out in my eventual costume. It’s not as done as I wanted it to be, but I’m still happy with it 🙂

  2. Thought about you celebrating your 25th all weekend. Remember meeting you in Ponca City, eating in a Mexican restaurant with you in your infant seat on and under the table, then driving with you to Lake Charles. a good beginning. Love, Grammy

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