Sleeping in, Chocolate, Succulents, & the Viaduct Closure

Another full weekend: check.

Matt and I filled our two days off with sleeping in, then going to Seattle via water taxi to check out the Northwest Chocolate Festival, then registered for wedding gifts at Macys! It was fun to run around with the scanner gun and talk about what we want our future house and kitchen to look like.

Sunday we both worked out (me kickboxing at the gym, Matt pumping iron in the basement) then we went out to run errands. We picked up 4 huge flats of succulents for centerpieces (craigslist is awesome!), then to Costco, grocery shopping and finally our circuit of thirft stores to get more centerpiece glass dishes (to hold the succulents). We need to start planting!

It was a great weekend. My brain was on alert all night for this morning’s commute though. The viaduct is closed and that makes traffic out of West Seattle a bit of a nightmare. Luckily both of us ran into no major delays this morning and got to work on time. Fingers crossed it stays that way! Tonight is fish tacos…Happy Monday!


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