Pancakes, Painting, & Pizza

This was a successful, low key weekend…exactly what we needed! Friday night we went to Beth’s housewarming party, then came home to crash and slept till about 8:30 (super late for us!). We skipped breakfast and started to attack house chores: Matt mowed the lawn, I vacuumed all the corners and doorways and stairs (and regular carpet). We cleaned the kitchen, got our cable TV hooked up, and then FINALLY ate breakfast around 11:45.

Note about the cable: if you know us, you know that we do not have TV. We have a TV, but no stations or cable. We do have internet. Well, our 6 months at the cheapo rate was up this month, so I called to see what could be done. Apparently but adding Basic Cable, we were able to keep our same high speed internet at about the cheapo rate we were paying before. If we just stuck with the internet it would have doubled. Obvious choice. We added the cable TV. We have not turned it on yet.

Back to the weekend.

Saturday afternoon Matt made sweet potato gnocchi while I studied for my LEED AP exam (tomorrow, ag!). His parents came over for dinner and we had a great time visiting and eating yummy food.

Sunday was another productive day. Matt whipped up an amazing batch of from scratch buttermilk pancakes, then we started the painting projects that have been on hold. We finished the 1×2’section in the living room that I missed before, painted all the kitchen cabinets, the kitchen door, the front door, the mantle, and three door frames in the center of the house. Woo! It looks great! Much cleaner and finished looking. And we even got all the handles put back on the cabinets 🙂

During all of this painting one of our cats (we are 99% sure it was Lola) brought in a dead robin that she had killed. Ug. Feathers everywhere. Luckily we found it before the cats decided to play with it…

After the painting I went for a swim and Matt worked out in the basement. Then we baked a Papa Murphy’s pizza for dinner and ate it on the couch. Good end to a great weekend.

PS – and we got our engagement photos back on DVD! I loved going through them again!


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