Wedding Planning: Honeymoon!

Yesterday I got the email I have been waiting for: the announcement of BGI orientation for next fall. Now, for those of you who were not aware, I am planning to start my MBA next fall at Bainbridge Graduate Institute after I deferred this year. Enter – challenge of planning a honeymoon between the August wedding and an unknown September quarter start date.

Last year, BGI had three options for the 5 day orientation, most of them in August. That really was not working for a potential 3 week honeymoon. I emailed the school and they promised to send me the 2012 dates as soon as they were announced…and they followed through on that promise yesterday. I received notice that not only are the orientation dates later (mostly in September next year) but the quarter is starting a little later too! What a relief!

So what are we planning for this amazing three week extravaganza? Anyone who knows us knows that we love to travel, and that we have a list a mile long of places to go. Our starting point was: water, sunshine, culture, food. Beaches are good too, but when we started talking about Eurpoe the beaches transitioned to water. We considered going back the the Caribbean (a soft spot in my heart) but decided that we could do that on another trip (and we were just there). Micronesia was temping for diving, as was going to Tanzania and Zanzibar to go on safari and showing Matt where I studied abroad. Or South America. Then there was the cruise option. With Matt’s Holland America discount this would be a great way for us to extend the trip for minimal cost. With all these choices we finally sat down to talk it out. We narrowed down the choices to Peru, with a Chilean/Argentinean cruise, or Italy, with a Mediterranean cruise. This week we made the final decision:


No, we don’t have specifics yet, but we know that the Amalfi Coast is on the list. The cruise we want to take comes in and out of Rome so that is on the list too. Other than that we are still making a list. Matt’s job is figuring out how we can book the cruise with his sweet Holland America discountJ. Oh there are good perks working there!

Honestly, I am feeling much better about having a destination picked. Now it is time to start getting in writing that I can have the time off from work…


2 thoughts on “Wedding Planning: Honeymoon!

  1. I cannot fully explain to you how jealous I am. Italy is on the list of trips I want to eventually make, and I apparently still have family in Napoli! As you make more concrete plans, you’d better let us know where all you’re heading!

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