Martin & Emily Get Hitched {at the Lake Union Cafe}

Oh wedding weekend…how fun you were! Starting Friday at 3 it was non-stop wedding action for Matt’s brother Martin and his bride Emily. We had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday (followed by an impromptu night out on the town), brunch at Aunt Phyllis’ house on Saturday. Matt whipped up some amazing blueberry zucchini bread to take. It was gobbled up! We visited with family over yummy food and mimosas on the drizzly day, then Matt and I headed home to finish cleaning, make dinner and watch a movie. Just a low key night in. We needed it because Sunday was BUSY!

Sunday started off slow, staying in bed until almost 9 listening to the rain. We finally got moving with a text from Beth inviting us to the farmers market, so we got dressed and headed to town after a yummy breakfast. We poked around the market, then got chai and took a detour to the beaches on Alki and Lincoln Park to scout out engagement photo locations. We found a great spot, then scurried home to shower and change for the wedding. Well, actually wedding photos. As a groomsman, Matt needed to be there at 3 in his tux to pose for the camera. I hung around with Lauren (Matt’s brother Adam’s girlfriend…yes the names get confusing!) and helped set up last minute things for the wedding.

Around 5 the guest started to arrive and 5:30 we were all seated for the big entrance. The wedding ceremony went very well (minus the detail that the officiant forgot to have them exchange rings. That would really have driven me crazy but they did not seem to mind since the rest went well). Then the rest of the evening was food and wine and dancing…great event.

I am usually toting my camera everywhere, but for this event decided to snap a few shots and then just enjoy visiting and dancing and letting others capture the images. Some great photos that I do have are from their photo booth that Matt and I got some great pictures in.  Time for a crafty project to make them into wall art… :). We had a wonderful time! Congratulations Martin and Emily!


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