Wedding Planning: Wedding Week Detail List

For some reason my brain is focused on nothing but wedding planning today! Probably because it is wedding week for my future brother-and-sister-in-law! They are getting married on Sunday at the Lake Union Cafe, so tomorrow is rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, family brunch Saturday and then wedding day on Sunday. I have my dress all picked out and am getting my nails done tonight so that I can focus on helping this weekend.

Focusing at work was harder than usual as I had shoes and lights and other details running through my thoughts. Maybe, just maybe, if I do a brain dump here I will be able to realign everything.

Current details for our wedding:

Shoes: The first pair of wedding shoes I ordered were a flop…pretty, but the wrong color with my dress. You would think there would be more options but I am having a heck of a time finding what I am picturing. My ideal shoes are ones that I already have (super comfy leather wedges with a T-strap), but in a more neutral color. Nope, does not exist. Well, yesterday I found a second option at Nordstrom so I ordered a pair and am anxiously waiting for them to arrive.

Reception Lights: Romantic strings of lights over the dance floor. An indoor canopy. At first I pictured essentially Christmas lights, but after looking into it more am planning on going with globe Italian party lights…lots more pop and impact for the # of strings (fewer strings = less tangling and less time putting up and taking down). Well, renting these suckers is not cheap ($100 a strand!) and I need 300-400 feet of lights for what we want to do. Enter: Google searching! It looks like with a little work and some extra planning we can buy the same lights for a little less than renting them (not a whole lot less though…the bulbs are $$$!) But if we own them rather than rent we can use them at the reception and Ferndale reception picnic (yep, there is a second reception in the plans now…), future parties, have friends use them, and hey, even sell them later if need be. Mom and I are planning to draw up some plans to determine exactly how many feet we need and then will order some lights! (any of you planning weddings soon…if you need lights I can rent you some for cheap!)

Centerpieces: I have been talking to neighbors about what they have in their yards and collecting advice on how to best plant and cut them. Matt and I are also on the lookout for more glass bowls…and need to count/wash/sort the ones we bought last weekend.

Engagement Photos: We are having them taken in two weeks and I am excited (and nervous about the weather!). I really don’t want sunshine but I do want it to be dry. We are having the amazing Ben Becker take them at our house, in the West Seattle Junction and down on the beach. I am at a loss of what to wear but my best friend/maid of honor is coming up in two weeks to help me shop for outfits and look at wedding dresses for her!

Maids: The same weekend Jenny and I are looking for clothes I get to have a dinner with 3 of my maids (Lana, Beth and Jenny) since Beth is back from her time at sea and Jenny is on this side of the state for work! Perfect! It will be fun to have three of them together…and we will be thinking about my cousins across the country!

The Dress: The woman I usually use for alterations is wonderful, but came up with nothing on an idea to bustle my dress. Grrr. I am trying to take it somewhere else for a second option but may need to start considering a second dress to wear at the reception if I cannot get my skirt off the ground…

Phew! Yep, lots on my mind. I am LOVING it!


3 thoughts on “Wedding Planning: Wedding Week Detail List

    • I finally decided to just go with a different seamstress that is amazing and she is going to just do a simple one point over bustle. Very pretty, not too unique, but will work well! I also decided on a second reception dress…details to come… 🙂

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