Centerpiece Search

Sunday. We slept in. Ate cereal with fresh nectarines on the deck. I went to kickboxing while Matt worked out…or so I thought. He really just cleaned the whole time I was gone and the house looked great when I got home! I will be honest, our house has not been as clean as we would like it…with being out of town and the warm weather, we have put more effort into getting out and enjoying life than putting away clothes and dishes…and well, things have started to pile up. To top that all off our basement is still smelling like an old sewer and all our clothes that were in the basement are now upstairs airing out. Blech.

Anyway, with a clean house and a worked out Lauren we walked to farmers market for some basil and heirloom tomatoes, then came home to pack a picnic dinner (our new favorite thing). We loaded the cooler and went to Burien for the start of our wedding centerpiece search. After a few strike outs we finally decided on a theme of glassware that we want to use for planting succulents…and they are awesome! Over the course of the afternoon we found about 10 pieces, and now have them ready to scrub, fill with gravel, and plant up! Awesome project!

We also stopped at Trader Joes and Fred Meyer (found the rest of the hanging basket holders we needed for the wedding ceremony site! On clearance!) and then made a stop at the Mexican grocery store for an ice cream bar and some fresh green salsa. Yum!

We finally made our way to the park next to the beach that is our go-to place for dinner picnics. Perfect sunset. Awesome food. There is definitely a chill in the air that feels like fall. We knew that this was probably our last summer weekend and this was the perfect ending.


One thought on “Centerpiece Search

  1. Lauren your center pieces are going to be amazing! And succulents are such a perfect eco friendly plant!! I have a few hens and chicks which sit on our patio and I love them! sounds like your wedding planning is moving right along!! Always look forward to reading your posts 🙂

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