Sunset Picnic

On Wednesday night, Matt came home from work to find me lounging in the back yard with my nose buried in a bridal magazine. I was looking for some inspiration (although I have a pretty complete picture of what we want now). We decided to walk to the grocery store to restock the kitchen and get some picnic fixings for a dinner by the water. We walked to QFC, loaded up with TONS of food, then trekked it all home. Ok, when I say WE, it was really just MATT carrying everything (I carried flowers). Not that I did not offer to haul some groceries. I love being able to walk to the grocery store.

We came home, watered the garden, and loaded up the picnic basket with goodies for dinner. We took a fresh salad (lettuce from the garden!), cheese, crackers, prosciutto, and some chocolate and drove down to Beach Drive to catch the sunset. It was the perfect evening for a picnic. We do some many fun, cool things. Life just feels full and complete.

Wedding planning update:

Matt and I are scheduling a “working day” sometime soon to figure out details and hopefully make up a mock reception table. I have been emailing the caterer for some more information, and we will need to make a weekend trip to Port Townsend this fall to get things aligned over there. We are in the process of scouting out random, mis-matched clear glass “things” to plant succulents in for centerpieces/decorations and the look of the wedding is really coming together. I am learning that Craigslist is a GREAT place to get secondhand stuff! I already inherited some third hand votive holders that a friend of mine used at her wedding after buying them used on Craigslist! Woohoo for reducing out footprint!

I have also been working with a seamstress to figure out a bustle for my dress. Apparently she cannot come up with anything that will work since the train is so unique. Bummer. I am going to have to take it somewhere else to get another opinion but I may just have to make due. Luckily I have time!


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