Epic Labor Day Weekend

To start off, Washington has a history of rainy Labor Day weekends. There is not really one I can remember that has been sunny. This weekend proved different.

The weather was perfect, and Matt was able to get off at 2 on Friday so we could head home without massive traffic jams. Friday night was crab out at Cherry Point…we got 7 keepers to share between 11 of us. Yummy! With a bonfire, sunset, yummy food and friends, it was a perfect start to the long weekend. We were super busy, packing as much fun as we could into 3 days in Ferndale.

Saturday morning we were able to sleep in (until dad was blasting music to get us out of bed), then dropped crab pots again and went to split and load a truckload of firewood. After that trip Matt and I went into town to get haircuts and groceries, then we headed out to the beach for night #2 two of crabfest! This time we got 10 keepers (over 35 crabs total in the pots though!) and had more than we could eat with our group of 7 people. We ate and ate until we had our fill, and again watched the sun go down over the water.

Sunday started with a hike to Oyster Dome, an 8 mile trail just outside of Bellingham. I had never done this trail, and Sunday was the perfect day for it. From the end of the trail is the most stunning view of the Olympics, San Juan Islands, Skagit County, and the Sound. Stunning. It was clear and sunny, perfect day to enjoy the view. The hike was challenging and lunch was a welcome sight when we reached the view point. We celebrated with a visit to Mallard for ice cream. Dinner Sunday night was a goodbye dinner for our friends Jan and Corey who are moving to Brazil for a 2 year assignment. We had BBQ ribs and homemade salads and apple pie for dinner on the deck. We shared laughter and stories and lots of good times over 3 bottles of champagne, 2 bottles of wine and a 6 pack of beer…it was a night for the history books.

Monday was beautiful again, and we spent it hauling more wood, picking blackberries, blueberries and feasting on hamburgers for a late afternoon dinner. To finish it off, we played an epically long game of Settlers of Catan (Matt won) and then drove home to Seattle.

What a weekend. Family, love, friends, food and fun. What more do you need?


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