Having Too Much Fun to Clean the Kitchen

Last night we ran errands, then shut out the rest of the world and had a wonderful night in.


Let’s start with the fun errand: picking up my custom engagement ring (well, technically engagement ring #2). This is the one with the diamond from Alabama that we were having set at a local jeweler. To start off, the ring was STUNNING and very comfortable. However, as I looked at it something was not quite “right” yet with the setting, so we ended up looking at other rings for inspiration. 20 minutes later we came up with the solution: adding “windows” to the band. Pics later this week will be easier to understand. I was bummed we could not take it home last night, but I am happy that they are doing everything they can to make sure they are perfect.

Errand #2 – grocery store, not that exciting.

Finally – home! Matt made chicken saltimbocca while I picked lettuce from the garden to make fresh salads and corn. Yummy yummy dinner with a bottle of wine. We have been slacking on the kitchen cleaning job this week. Other things have just taken priority. It was a great night in with lots of laughter, finalizing our wedding guest list (phew!) and just spending time together. It was a great Monday night.


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