I Don’t Miss Hurricanes

Last night was a reminder of one of the dark side of living on a Caribbean island. Iwas getting emails about hurricane Irene pummeling my beloved St. Croix, and watching the Doppler images of a swirling mass of wind and rain tear through these beautiful islands. St. Croix and nearby Vieques (where we visited in June) were both blown by the storm. It was not horrible by any standards, but still enough to toss around boats and tear shingles off. It is always scary to hear about. Hurricanes are something I do not miss from the islands. I do not miss packing our house like we were moving every season, putting things into boxes and plastic in preparation for the storms. Our windows would be boarded up for three months every year and it felt like living in a cave. To all my friends in the islands, stay safe this hurricane season.


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