My Hands Smell of Tomatoes

As sad as they look, I have to say that my three sweet tomato plants are still producing fruit! I have a mini yellow pear tomato plant, a salad heirloom red, and a medium sized orange plant. Not one of them really looks all that healthy. Tomatoes in WA (at least Western WA) are not too happy.

I love the smell that tomato plants leave on your hands, even if you just accidently brush up against them. It smells alive and so much like “garden” compared to any other scent. My hands still smell like tomatoes after rearranging some stray stalks back into their cages this morning.

Matt leaves for his brother’s bachelor party camping trip today, which means I am on my own for the weekend. Tonight I am going to dinner at Benny and Lana’s (can’t wait!) then tomorrow working in the yard and making an appearance in Tacoma at a friend’s wedding reception party. Taking a nap sounds good too. It has been a busy long week.

I have been making slow progress on wedding plans these past few weeks. With the venue confirmed and the photographer set, now we are just in guest list mode and brainstorming decorations. I think we have settled on lots of lace and now succulents as “flowers” for most of the decorations. I have been debating the idea of farmers market flowers (short vase life) and them not making it through the wedding and reception, vs. the idea of spending way more money on florist flowers. Ultimately, I think it will be a mix, but succulents for table decorations seem like a more sustainable option (they are planted and will live long lives after the wedding) and are work that can be invested ahead of time rather than the day of or before the wedding. Now to decide on mismatched or matching containers…so many details!


One thought on “My Hands Smell of Tomatoes

  1. Will cactus be included in those succulents? Do they have to be a large bouquet like the one in the picture or three smaller ones in clay pots on a green runner going down the middle of the table? Grammy

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