Loving this Life

I cannot even begin to describe how thankful we are for Matt’s new work schedule. We have time to share every evening together, can make plans in advance, and are getting more sleep! This week we have already had Matt’s brother and friend Chris over for dinner (Tuesday…we had time to cook AND play a game of Settlers and still be in bed by 10:30! That would NEVER have happened in the old days!), gone dancing (not the most fun class…Lindy is not our favorite and the instructor was not that great), had a dinner date in Pike’s market (piroshkys and peaches on our table), and are planning another night out tonight for dancing in Freeway Park! Yes, it has been super busy.

Matt is really liking his job too! He is learning some new skills and really enjoys the atmosphere and people in his office. Travel perks are pretty good too! The only downside is the commute, which is long, but doable. I am so glad he is happy and that he is proud of where he is. We are riding high right now, and loving our life together. Things are so good.


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