Today + 365 Days

Today is one of those days that I cannot seem to get my brain on straight. I sent a report with the incorrect information to a client 3 times…ug. It is frustrating and embarrassing.calendar August 10 I feel unmotivated to really make progress on some things I need to. I also have my mid year review today.

As much as today is grey and lackluster, this week is awesome! Last night was dinner at Grandpo’s, Matt started his new job and likes it, tomorrow is dancing and Jenny and Brian are visiting. Then Friday we are off to Ferndale for a weekend of hanging out with family. We even get to go see the wedding venue in Port Townsend and sled at Mt. Baker! It is a good week.

Another bonus about today: it’s our 13 months anniversary and exactly 1 year until our wedding day!!!!


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