A Day in the Corner Office

Ahh business trips. A break from daily Seattle routine.  Yesterday I hopped on an 8AM flight to Spokane for a site walk and meetings with some clients. Who did I run into at the airport? Our CEO. We were on the same flight so we went through security together and hung out at the gate. Hopefully I made a good impression.

Yesterday I drove around to various meetings around the city, and finally had my last meeting finish at 3. I was wiped out! Not too wiped out of course to hang out with Jenny who drove up from Pullman. We went to Nordstrom Rack (bit of a strike out sadly…but I may have found the wedding shoes I want…) and then had dinner at the Safari Room at the Davenport. I stayed at the Davenport Tower…room on the 10th floor with a king sized bed and Jenny decided to crash with me there. It felt just like old times!

This morning we ate quiche at a coffee shop and I headed to the office while she went off to a meeting. I feel so lucky to have a best friend that can carve out some time between work and play to spend time together. It was really great seeing her.

Now I am camped out in a spare corner office in our Spokane building. I feel important with the great view and cherry desk and glass door. I could seriously get used to this :). My boss said not to get too attached. Someday…

As much as I love to get out of town, I miss Matt and am excited to see him tonight and go dancing in the park.


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