Life Binder

So I have kept a “life binder” since I went to college. It contains anything and everything that catches my eye, from cool advertisements, to wedding ideas (boy is that coming in handy now!), recipes, house plans, photographs, cool travel ideas…anything and everything. My best friend Jenny always teased me that all I would need to do is give that binder to my maid of honor and she would be set. (Now that she IS my maid of honor I wonder if that is enough to go on…).

Anyway, today I was looking at one of my favorite blogs looking at the daily wedding inspiration, and the post was about a cool website called Pinterest. What an amazing concept…it is basically my life binder online! You can “pin” things you like, find interesting, or just want to remember without clogging up your desktop with copies or your favorites bar. I am in love with this concept!

When I say concept I mean it…Pinterest is by invite only and I am on the waiting list. Unless someone has an invite they want to send me…I would be SO appreciative! green wedding shoes pinterest


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