Wedding Planning: Rings!

Oh oh OH am I excited! After months of searching down the perfect ring for Matt, and the perfect matching travel ring for me, we have now also finalized the “fancy” engagement ring and my wedding band! We ended up ordering a diamond from our family jeweler in Alabama and my third cousin (?) Amy picked out the PERFECT stone. It is an emerald cut and is so sparkly! Exactly what I wanted! Now we are pairing it with a vintage setting at a jewler in West Seattle.

Yesterday Matt and I picked up the registered mail package from Alabama…and then opened it the second we got it home! The diamond was stunning. (The kitchen light for this picture does not do it justice!) It was actually pretty neat to see the stone all alone, I doubt many couples actually get to see their diamond loose. It was really cool. Tomorrow we are taking it down to the jeweler who is all ready with the wax mold to get the rings made. Fingers crossed they are done in the two-week time frame that they told us!


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