Wedding Planning: Rainy Day Suit Search

Last night we trekked down to downtown Seattle in the rain to get Matt fitted for a tux for his brother’s September wedding. While at Men’s Warehouse we also started checking out suits for Matt. He wants to wear a brown suit for our wedding, and we learned very quickly that a) brown suits are scarce, and b) they are even more rare in his size. Humm. We checked out Nordstrom too (found a potential mother-of-the-bride dress for mom!) but no brown, Matt sized suits there either. Our next stop will be the Costco custom suiting event in August. Hopefully that will provide some options.

We also learned that there are very few places that rent suits anymore. Only tuxes. Guess we may need to start thinking about a second option for Matt’s groomsmen since we were planning to have them rent suits. Maybe just dress pants with shirts and ties or vests or something. But first we need to find Matt a suit.


One thought on “Wedding Planning: Rainy Day Suit Search

  1. Have you thought about dress pants and a Mexican white cotton shirt for the groomsman. they may even call them wedding shirt. Look good and don’t require a tie, at all. I’ll see what I can find on line. Grammy

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