Wedding Planning: Photographer

Matt and I have been looking at wedding photographers for months. I have been scanning friend’s photos on facebook,  and pouring over blogs and then send him lists of sites to check out. We arrived on a favorite a few months ago, and went to meet with a super talented, fun young photographer in Seattle named Ben. I actually found him because he photographed a wedding of one of my friends from high school. After meeting with him in person and seeing more of his work, Matt and I were sold: this was the guy for us.

I have been stressed about picking a photographer for years. My mom has shot some amazing weddings, and I have a seriously well documented life. We take 500+ photos a day on vacations and come home with albums full of amazing shots. I knew that my wedding was going to be a hard choice to leave those memories in the hands (literally) of one person when my expectations are so high.

Ben’s work is amazing. I love his use of the space around his subjects, and how he can capture a place in his photos. The place (Fort Worden) is something that is really important to us at our wedding, and so a photographer that steps back and captures that along with the people was key. I am so excited to work with Ben and get to know both him and his wife Lin better.

We are excited to have them as part of our wedding day. Check that one off the To Do list!

Here is a link to Ben Becker’s wonderful website.


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