Vashon Island Strawberry Festival

Street Fair #2 for us this summer!!

Yesterday we both had the day off and decided to celebrate with an amazing homemade late morning breakfast and then a ferry ride over to the Vashon Island Strawberry Festival. First thing to note about the day was that it was on and off rainy, second thing was that the strawberry festival had very little to do with strawberries. Did that put a damper on our day? Not at all!!!

We loved the street fair and all the local booths lining main street. The vendors all had a small town feel, and it was just colorful and fun and felt very community focused. We met up with Matt’s aunt and uncle and walked around with them, then took off for a drive around the island. Matt and I have been talking about possibly moving out there someday, and this drive confirmed that. It was a beautiful place: small but not too small, close to the city but felt far away, rural, clean, safe…it was awesome. And there were tons of cute houses!

After the drive around we went back to the street fair for food: corn dog, Indian, doughnuts and an ice cream bar…yum! All this street food sure is making me need to work out! After eating our fill the rain threatened to pour so we scurried back to the car just in the nick of time! It downpoured on us as we drove towards Fiore and Marianna’s beach cabin. Luckily it stopped by the time we arrived and we spend a lovely late afternoon visiting with them right on the water.

What a great day. Our adventures just keep stacking up!


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