Slow Short Week Synopsis

Ahhh Friday! Horray!!!

How can a four day week feel so long? Probably because we have crammed so much in!

Monday: after his unfairly long 13 hour work day Matt came home, showered, and we ate some grilled cheese and tomato soup before driving out to Freemont to watch the fireworks. We went to his friend Jeff’s apartment where we got an amazing view of Lake Union from the rooftop deck. Primo seats! Happy 4th!

Tuesday: Matt’s mom’s __th birthday party at Grandpo’s house. We brought from-scratch chocolate cake and had a yummy dinner. Martin and Emily were there too and it was nice to catch up with them.

Wednesday: a spectacular, hot sunny day in Seattle! Matt and I celebrated with a ZooTunes concert at the Woodland Park Zoo…complete with picnic basket, lemonade and fried chicken on the grass. It was perfect! The band was AfroCubism…and was really fun to listen to. I love all the cool adventures we have!

Thursday: Guess who finally made it back to the gym!? Oh yea, that was me. Matt has been harassing me about not using my membership and so he made me pack a bag and go on my way home from work last night. I did about 20 minutes of abs and lunges, the took my very first Zumba class. Oh boy did I feel silly! By the end I started to catch on. Great workout! I was dripping with sweat! After my workout and Matt got home from work we went to see Water for Elephants at the Admiral Theatre. I really liked it even though it was sometimes a hard movie to watch. Beautifully shot.

Today: Finally Friday. I should go to the gym. Then I should also go to Laurissa’s going away BBQ in Ballard. I’m torn. Driving across town does not sound like fun, but I should probably go. I can go work out tomorrow.

Tomorrow: Photographing a wedding in Bellevue! A friend of my brother’s is getting married so my mom and I are tag-teaming the ceremony and reception. I am excited!

Sunday: Our 1 year anniversary! Celebrating by going to West Seattle Days (during Matt’s lunch, boo) and recreating our first date. Sounds like fun! I hope it is sunny.


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