Seattle International Beer Festival

4th of July means fireworks and hotdogs, but to me, the 4th of July also means BEER! The International Beer Festival in Seattle to be more specific. For the past 4 years, my dad and some other friends have enjoyed this local event, and this year was no different. Actually, it was rather different this year since it was sunny and not raining J

We got in line around 11:30 (which is totally the way to go…get there early before the beer sample lines are too long). That way by the time the rest of Seattle is lined up in the sun (and you have had too much sun) you are almost out of beer tickets and ready to get home anyway. We have a very specific goal at the beer festival: try as many as we can and pick a winner. How do you do this with only 10 tickets? Divide and conquer.

Our group was 5 strong this year: me, my dad, Corey, his son Andrew, and Corey’s dad. We each would get a 4 oz sample, bring it back to the group and divide it up between the 5 of us. Luckily we are all hoppy IPA drinkers so there is not too much disagreement over which ones to try. This year we had a few favorites. One of my top picks was Sour Willy.

Mom and dad headed straight home after the beer festival leaving me to mass-transit it across Seattle. I took the monorail from Seattle Center to Westlake, then walked to Pike’s Place, then took the water taxi to West Seattle, then the free shuttle near to my house, and walked the rest of the way (yes, I was exhausted and dehydrated and sunburt when I got home but it was fun!). It was a stunning day to be trekking across the city.

I love 4th of July weekend traditions! Looking forward to next year already!


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