Update on Resolutions for 2011

So here is is…July 1. 50% through 2011. It has been a busy year. Lots of changes, lots of exciting new things! Back in January I made a list and posted it on my blog with resolutions for 2011. Here is my checking in to see how they are progressing:

-hike Rachel Lake with Matt ~ we are trying to find a weekend when Matt can get off…or a new job with weekends to take a 3 day backpacking trip here this summer

-visit Jenny in Pullman ~ did this: twice! Once with Matt for the most epic 80’s night adventure ever, and then again during my chaperone weekend with high school kids

-see my friends more ~ working on this. We did have a dinner date with Benny and Lana (so fun) and played Settlers, I need to spend some more time with Crystal before she moves to Hawaii in December

-get out of physical therapy for my knee! ~ I finished up last month! Done! Pain is gone (99.5% of the time!) My back is still bothering me but I figured out it is from sitting so I just need to get up more.

-go to Mt. Rainer ~ not yet…maybe a fall getaway?

-keep loosing weight and eating healthy ~ doing good here! I have lost 15 pounds this year (crazy!) without tryingt too hard. I give Matt and our healthy eating a ton of credit. Plus I am so much happier and level with him in my life…and eat a lot less ice cream!

-drink water! (that resolution from 2010 is sticking with me!) ~ I am still working at this. I need to get back in the habit again…green water bottle is on my desk.

-do well in school ~ I guess this should change a bit. Perhaps to read: look for scholarships and save for starting next Fall.

-stay balanced and focused on what is really important ~ Spending time with Matt and making the most of our time together. Work hard. Play hard. Spend time with the kitties. Stay in touch with family. I feel like we are doing pretty well.

-save money ~ could always be better but I have saved a good chunk towards the wedding fund 🙂


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