Decision to Defer

There are pros and cons to each and every decision. This past week I have felt the mounting stress of making my final decisions about going back to school in the fall, and it has not been easy. On one hand, this program is perfect. I am admitted. I am excited to go. I have it planned. On the other, the funding is more out of pocket than I anticipated, the time commitment will overlap with planning our wedding, and I am having a hard time making it pencil out for this fall.

I think I have arrived at the correct decision. I am going to defer my admission until next year. This will give us time to save, find Matt a new job, allow me ENJOY this year of being engaged and planning, and give me another year to mature in my career before adding school. I feel that it is the right choice but that still does not make it easy. I hate changing my mind and walking away from commitments no matter how flexible they are. I know in my heart that when I am 40 and look back, this will be the right decision.


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