Sewage in the Basement

It is amazing how much you can pack into a weekend! Some of it was fun (Saturday), but Sunday turned into a  bit of a fiasco. Saturday morning when I got up (Matt had to work at 7) I wandered to the basement to find a hammer and nails to hang some pictures. What did I discover? That the carpet was partially flooded. Like totally soaked. I moved things around and started some fans going, but the carpet was too heavy for me to move on my own. I could not figure out where the water had come from so called the landlord to ask if she had experienced this problem in the past. A few hours later Matt came home and helped move the carpet outside, and it was about that time that we realized that the water issue was backing up sewage. So gross. This was confirmed when we ran the shower and it flooded again. We called a plumber, and Matt’s parents to cancel on coming for dinner, and spent the rest of the evening learning that our sewage pipe is 99% clogged with tree roots and in bad shape. Awesome. Thank goodness our plumber was willing to call our landlord for us so that she could hear the story from him and not us. It is going to be a project for her to fix. Honestly I am worried that she is going to raise our rent. That makes me feel really uneasy. At the moment we have water again and the basement is clean. We spent the evening mopping with bleach water. So gross.

I did manage to weed some more of the back garden. It is looking way better! We found so many plants! It will be nice for them to get some sunlight and not be crowded by weeds anymore!


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