Message of Love

Can I just give a shout out to my wonderfully supportive fiancé? Matt is my rock. No matter how much work is dragging down his morale he still finds the energy and love to lift me up when I am feeling off. This morning has been strange. I think that the sewer issue got me thinking about the house, and the landlord possibly raising our rent, and that got me thinking about us having to move and all the work we have put in…Lauren, calm down, none of that is happening yet. We have plenty of time. Matt knew I was stressed out and he called me a work to leave the sweetest message reminding me again why I am so excited to share my life with him. He called to tell me that everything will work out, and that together he and I can get through anything…and we will. He is so wonderful and I feel so lucky to be his.

This will work out. I just have a lot riding on my mind with decisions regarding school etc. My brain just feels a little worn out from thinking. I feel so lucky that I don’t have to do it alone.


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