Target Overload

As in I overloaded my cart at Target. Yup, my afternoon of errands turned into somewhat of a shopping spree. After getting flea meds and gas at Costco I went to Target for a hose nozzle, that was all! But…as Target is laid out I had to walk through the clothing department first and oooh! there was a really cute black dress…and a teal one of the same style…hummm…better try them on…wow! I love them and they actually FIT well!…into the cart they go…humm…I like this dress too…try it on…wow! I really like this one too! and I am due for some new work clothes…I guess I can add it too…new bra…well that is something that I actually am in need of so I guess I should get that too…picture frame…tub mat…hey! I made it back to the garden department…now where are the hose nozzles?…ah! perfect!…well, I guess a sprinkler would not be a bad idea while I am at it…dang, this is a lot more than I bargained for today…next month is zero spending month I guess!

Now time to make dinner for my amazing fiance! Tonight is sole a la bonne femme (sole baked with onions, salt, pepper and white wine, one of our standards) and salads. Then a movie with the kitties. Good friday night!


2 thoughts on “Target Overload

  1. Target is a dangerous place…but I love it! 🙂 I always leave with one or two (or ten!) more items than I originally had on my list 🙂

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