He asked, I said YES!

We are ENGAGED!!!!

On Saturday, June 11 my amazing boyfriend and best friend Matt asked me to spend my life with him as his wife. According to him it took me about 1.5 seconds to say “YES!” I am still floating and grinning from ear to ear. Yesterday was spent making phone call after phone call to share the news with friends and family, and I am now ready to write this all down so I can share it again.

With our work schedules, it has been very rare that Matt and I share a weekend-day off, and when the schedule at the Fish Co. aligned itself so that this Saturday was off, Matt made plans. He proposed (no pun intended) that we spend the day in Seattle, just ride the water taxi, go to Pikes Place, go to the aquarium: just enjoy our city and time together. I loved the idea…well, any plans would have been great I was just thrilled to have a whole day together!

So on Saturday morning we woke up and got doughnuts at the Original Bakery (one of our new favorite spots in West Seattle). I had what was probably the BEST glazed twist doughnut ever to be made. It was amazing. We ate them on “our” bench in the Junction park. The same place we ate lunch on our first date. From there we went home to change into “city” clothes, then took the water taxi across Elliott Bay. It was wonderfully grey out…the city almost looked black and white against the water. A plane flew by with the message “Debra, will you marry me?” and Matt said “So is that what I should do?” I laughed. “No silly, that is so not our style!” “Dang, guess I had better cancel that…” Little did I know that he was sitting there with a ring in his pocket at that very moment.

We wandered up to the market, stopping for some yummy pepper at World of Spice, then visiting the Letterpress shop down by the water. The market was hustle and bustle as always, so we decided to go to the camera shop (my request) before grabbing lunch. Of course the camera shop took WAY longer than we planned. I was trying to find the right bag to take on vacation that could hold 3 lenses and still fit inside my backpack. To my perspective, my patient boy just waited for me to make up my mind. He later told me that he was sweating bullets that he would not have time for his whole plan! We finally found the perfect bag, and headed back to the market.

Tummies were grumbling and we had planned on piroshky for lunch, so we went to stand in line. The line snaked around the shop, and Matt was so relieved that I was willing to stand and wait…this was a critical element of his ideal proposal. We got our piroshky and walked across the street to the park next to Pikes that looks out over Elliott Bay, the Viaduct and over to West Seattle.

Ok, now before I get to the actual proposal I need to give a little history on what makes this seemingly normal spot so significant. Back when we were first dating last summer Matt and I ate piroshky in this same park on a picnic table before going to dance in the park. For me, just sitting there eating snuggled up next to him was one of those romantic “click” moments where I could see myself spending the rest of my life with him. It was actually later that night that he first told me that he loved me. It was perfect.

Well, Matt had remembered that this “perfect” place was meaningful to me, and decided that it would be the ideal proposal backdrop. After we climbed up on the picnic table he leaned over and asked me (quoting “Rockie” which he knows I have yet to see) “So uh, I was wondering what your plans are for the next 60 or 70 years” at this point I started catching on and started getting excited but wanted him to continue so I asked “not sure, why?” he responded with, “well, if you don’t have any plans, would you mind spending them with me?” (or something like that…my mind really kinda went fuzzy at this point!). Then he climbed off the table and got down on one knee, told me that he loved me, I was his best friend and that he could ask for nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with me as his wife. He told me that he had called my parents yesterday and asked their permission. Wow. He knew how important that was to me. If any doubt had been in my mind about my answer that statement made it all go away. This man knows me. He listens to me. And he loves me. And wants to MARRY ME! At this point I was crying and managed to say YES! He slid the ring we had made onto my finger and gathered me up in a huge hug. He kept talking and I kept saying “yes, I want to marry you!” Eventually we got around to pulling out the camera and asking some people nearby to take a picture. When they found out we had just gotten engaged the whole group clapped. It was awesome!

We sat on the table and ate our piroshky and looked out at the water as the sun just started to break out of the clouds. Matt made some funny comment about dang, he should have just waited another 20 minutes and the sun would have been out! I lauhged. Oh how he makes me laugh! We finished our piroshky and went to the aquarium. On the walk down he asked me how the ring felt. “Good…but it will take some getting used to. I have never worn a ring on that finger before!”

The aquarium was awesome. Matt played like a little kid in the touch tanks. We talked to the seals. He told me about how he could fillet any fish in these tanks. Yep, that is my goofball.

He had made reservations at Tulio, a good Italian restaurant in Seattle. When we arrived there were roses on the table and we got great service from our waiter. We shared 4 courses of amazing food, laughing and talking and getting more exited as the magnitude of the day settled on us. I was eating dinner with my fiancé!



After dinner we had a half hour to kill before the water taxi ride home, so we took the opportunity to start calling people to share the news. He called Grandpo while I called my Tia Kim…the sound of her plus my 3 little girl cousins all squealing on the other end of the phone brought the hugest smile to my face! It was incredible!

The sun was setting as the water taxi departed Seattle, and by the time we made it back across the Bay it was dark. The perfect end to a perfect day. And I got to go home with my best friend, now as his fiancé.


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